Sunday, December 31, 2006

Mr. Brain looks for an idea

Earlier I made mention what I call "the brain fallacy." To illustrate the point further, I once saw a presentation by Paul Churchland in which, to ridicule certain Fodorian models of folk psychology, showed a cartoon which showed "Mr. Brain" going through a large card file to find an idea. Again, it doesn't follow from the fact that you are using brain-talk that you really have a naturalistic account. Sometimes when people talk about what the brain does I want to say 'Interesting fellow, Mr. Brain. Remarkable what he can do."


At 12/31/2006 09:45:00 AM , Blogger JD Walters said...

Happy New Year, Dr Reppert!

Great idea to have a blog exclusively devoted to the AFR. Your first blog was going off on all sorts of tangents which, while definitely interesting, were not directly related to the argument itself. I wonder, are you actually planning on writing that updated book? As for me, I still think the argument is a good one, but as an incentive to develop a positive theistic philosophy of mind, not just to go on critiquing materialism. Nancey Murphy, William Hasker and Philip Clayton immediately come to mind, and more recently Kevin Corcoran. Of course their work needs to be extended, which is something I plan to do, paying more attention to the relevant neuroscience and cognitive science.

Anyway, congrats again on your new blog. I hope to see a lot of interesting material on this blog in the future.


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